Mean Annual Dates of First Morning Frosts in Autumn .

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Compilation date:

May 2005.


10 km/pix

Map's precision:

The map contains the mean annual dates of first morning frosts in autumn for patches of the Earth's surface with the area of 10 x 10 km.


"Albers Equal Area for the USSR":
ref. system : Albers Equal Area Conic for Russia
projection : Albers Equal Area Conic
datum : Pulkovo 1942 (S42)
delta WGS84 : 28 -130 -95
ellipsoid : Krasovsky
major s-ax : 6378245.000
minor s-ax : 6356863.019
origin long : 100
origin lat : 0
origin X : 0
origin Y : 0
scale fac : na
units : m
parameters : 2
stand ln 1 : 44
stand ln 2 : 68

Main content:

A bitmapped map containing mean annual dates of first morning frosts in autumn.

Classifier precision:

Mean annual dates of first morning frosts in autumn are represented as days - the number of days from the first day of the year. The isolines of the dates of first morning frosts in autumn on the original map are represented with 10 days' pitch.

Map compilation procedure:

The map has been compiled on the basis of the data obtained from the Map of the Average Datse of the End of the Frostless Period from the Climate Atlas of the USSR (Climate Atlas of the USSR, 1960). The maps were vectorized along the isolines of the dates of the end of the frostless period and rasterized with the interpolation technique.

Data sources:

Climate Atlas of the USSR, vol. 1, Davitay, F.F. ed., Moscow, Gidrometeoizdat, 1960.
Climate Handbooks. Air and Soil Temperature. Issues 1-34. - Leningrad: 1965-1975.

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