Map of mean annual air temperature's standard deviation. January .

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A.N. Afonin, K.L. Lipiyaynen, V.Y. Tsepelev
The layer of mean annual air temperature's standard deviation was calculated using the Kriging method using data on average annual temperatures from the nodes of the regular grid which were elaborated at Hadley Centre.

Compilation date:

May 2005.


10 km/pix

Map's precision:

The map contains averaged values of mean annual air temperature's standard deviation for patches of the earth's surface with an area of 10 x 10 km.


Albers equal-area projection for the USSR
ref. system : Alber's Equal Area Conic for Russia
projection : Alber's Equal Area Conic
datum : Pulkovo 1942 (S42)
delta WGS84 : 28 -130 -95
ellipsoid : Krasovsky
major s-ax : 6378245.000
minor s-ax : 6356863.019
origin long : 100
origin lat : 0
origin X : 0
origin Y : 0
scale fac : na
units : m
parameters : 2
stand ln 1 : 44
stand ln 2 : 68

Main content:

A bitmapped map. The map contains the mean annual air temperature's standard deviation at an altitude of 2 meters.

Classifier's precision:

The precision of the mean annual air temperature's standard deviation is calculated to the nearest tenth of the unit of measurement.

Map compilation procedure:

The mean annual air temperature's standard deviation, shown on the graph with the scale of 1 degree, has been calculated using information from the database of mean monthly air temperatures from 1961 to 1990 at an altitude of 2 meters. The mean monthly temperatures in this database are graphed with a scale of 5 degrees. Therefore, the temperatures' standard deviations that were initially graphed with a scale of 5 degrees were translated onto a graph with a scale of of 1 degree. The database of mean monthly temperatures, HadCRUT2v, was created at Hadley Centre by Jones and Moberg in 2003. This database contains verified data from the NOAA NCEP stations between 1850 and 1995. This information was obtained via the Internet from the FTP-server

Data sources:

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