Area of String bean (Phaseolus vulgaris (L.) Savi)

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N.V. Terekhina
T.V. Buravtseva

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.Alber.s Equal Area Conic for Russia..

Basic contents:

Map is a vector file consisting of polygons and points. Points represent recorded locations of the crop; polygons represent area of possible distribution of the species.

Accuracy of the classifier:

Polygons were created using literature sources, political boundaries and ecological descriptions. Polygons demonstrate territories with significant areas in which species is sown. Points demonstrate territories with insignificant areas in which species is sown.

Method of map production:

GIS specialists at the Moscow Soil Institute carried out the mapping. Working with agronomists, historical agricultural statistics were reviewed at the district (rajon) level to determine where the crop was cultivated. Crop distribution was based on crop production at the rajon level, further refined by using the boundaries from the map of arable lands (1:4000000) authored by Koroljeva et al. (2003). The map was produced according to recommendations by VIR specialist T.V. Buravtseva, along with the following sources: State List of Selection Achievements (2003), Catalogue (1979), and Zhukovoi & Maksimenko (1986). The species area in the European part of the former USSR covers almost the entire arable territory because species' distribution is limited by 60-70 degrees of latitude north. Area in Middle Asia was determined based on historical agriculture, but the crop was not grown widely in this area. In Eastern Siberia and the Far East, the species is not popular and is grown on limited plots, which are shown by points.

Reference citations:

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Right and copyright:

Copyright on this map and its description belongs to its authors.

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