The area of Bird vetch (Vicia cracca L.)

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The expert: N.V. Terekhina.
The GIS-expert: N.V. Terekhina.

Date of creation:




Accuracy of a map:

Map was created using map of gardens of the USSR with the scale 1: 20 000 000.

The projection:

"Alber's Equal Area Conic for Russia", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

The vector map of area consists of 2 layers: territories of perspective cultivation of species and point layer with place of cultivation.

Accuracy of the qualifier:

Maps were created on the base of generalized information about species distribution from published sourses, taking into account arable territory for USSR.

The technique of drawing up of a map:

The area map was created on the base of arable territory map for USSR (The Computer, 2003) and literature data (State, 2004). ). On the territory of former USSR species cultivated in Kinel. (Samara region) by Volga scientific-research institute of selection and seed growing named P.N. Konstantinov. Species is perspective for cultivation in all regions of temperate zone. The consultation with specialist of Vetch collection (departament of Genetic resourses of leguminous plants VIR) T.G. Aleksandrova has been carried out during map creation.

Sources of the data:

Cultural flora. Volume 4, part 2. Vetch / S.I.Rep'ev, A.K.Stankevich; Ed. by. S.I.Rep'ev. St.Petersburg, 1999. p. 58-59, 351-366.
Rep'ev S.I. Intensification of vetch production. Leningrad, 1988.
State List of Selection Achievements, Admitted to Use. Moscow, 2004
The Computer map of the arable land produced by specialists from Laboratory of the Soil informatic of the Dokuchaev Soil institute ( Moscow) - Koroljeva I.E., Vilchevskaya E.V., Ruhovich D.I. on base of the Map of the Landuse published in 1989 by the Problem Laboratory of the Complex Cartography (the Faculty of Geography, MSU). Moscow, 2003

Right and copyright:

Copyright on these map and description belong to author.
© Terekhina N.V.
Photo copyright belong to T.G. Aleksandrova.

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