Uromyces striatus Schrot. - Rust of Alfalfa.

Systematic position.

Division Basidiomycota, order Uredinales, family Pucciniaceae, genus Uromyces.


Uromyces oblongus Vize.

Biological group.

Biotroph parasite.

Morphology and biology.

Aecia and spermogonia are formed on Euphorbia spp., uredinia and telia are formed on Medicago spp. Mycelium of aecial and spermogonial stages penetrates into all plant. Euphorbia plants are yellowish, frequently oppressed and deformed. Spermogonia are scattered among aecia on the lower leaf surface, pear-shaped, submerged, 240 x 180 mkm on the average. Aecia calciform or cuplike, orange, with serrated bent bladed edge of peridium. Aeciospores globose-polygonal, orange, spinose, 15-18 mkm in diameter. Round rust-brown small pads, or uredinia, producing powder are formed at first on the lower leaf surface, and then on their upper surface and on stems of Alfalfa. Urediniospores unicellular, spherical or widely-elliptical, 15-23 x 15-20 mkm; with light-brown coat, rarely spinose, with four pores located along equator. Later round, convex, dark-brown, velvety, small pads, or telia, are formed among uredinia, weakly producing powder. Telia are located mostly on the lower leaf surface and on stems. Teliospores are oval, egg-shaped or round, 15-22 x 15-20 mkm; with dark-brown coat, longitudinal stripes, and with apical papilla to 4 mkm in height. Pedicel short, hyaline. In northern areas the fungus winters as mycelium in Euphorbia spp. roots. In southern areas (in Central Asia especially) it winters as urediniospores. The disease appears at the end of May or in June, developing till late autumn. The greatest disease severity is marked in August - September.


Everywhere in areas of Alfalfa cultivation.


Temperature 18-22 .C and relative air humidity 40-50% are optimum for the disease development.

Economic significance.

The disease results in decrease of hay yield and reduction of its nutritional value. At high severity the decrease of seed productivity by 25% is marked. Protective actions: optimum terms of hay harvesting, i.e., in the beginning of flowering, agronomical measures, cleaning of field margins and irrigation canal banks from wild-growing species of Alfalfa and Euphorbia, resistant cultivars, spraying by fungicides.

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