Harm zones of Plasmodiophora brassicae Woronin, pathogen of Clubroot of Crucifers .

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Specialist-biologist - E.L. Gasich, GIS-specialist - M.I.Saulich

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000

Accuracy of a map:

It is created on materials of map of natural scale 1:40 000 000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0

Basic contents:

Vector map consists of two thematic layers, where zones of harm are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of the classifier:

The disease area is subdivided into a zone of regular strong and moderate development of the Clubroot (to 10-15 % moderately and strongly affected plants) and a zone of regular moderate and weak development of the Clubroot in small foci.

Procedure of map drawing:

Zones of distribution and harm are identified by results of the analysis of the cartographical materials published. The data of T.E. Vakhrusheva (1983) on Leningrad Region and of V.A. Nikonorenkov et al. (1997) on Central Chernozem region are used as a basis for this analysis. Definition of the disease distribution has been carried out on a vector layer of arable land.

Sources of the data:

Nikonorenkov V.A., Portenko L.G., Karpachev V.V. 1997. Diseases of oilseed rape / Kormoproizvodstvo. 5-6. P.42-44 (in Russian).
Vakhrusheva T.E. 1983. Oilseed rape diseases in Leningrad Region // Bull. VIR. 127. P. 40-44 (in Russian).

Right and copyright:

All rights reserved. Copyright 2003© E.L.Gasich & M.I.Saulich (vector map, description), E.L. Gasich (photo).

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