Potato leafroll luteovirus - Potato Leaf Roll Virus (PLRV)

Systematic position.

Kingdom Vira, genus Polerovirus. Strains: Tobacco yellow top virus, Tomato yellow top strain. ICTV decimal code:


Potato leaf-roll virus (Appel, 1911), Potato phloem necrosis virus (Quanjer, 1913), Potato virus 1 (Jonson), Solanum virus 14 (Smith), Corium solani (Holmes).

Biological group.

Obligate parasite.

Morphology and biology.

The symptoms of the disease development depend on potato cultivar, time of infection and climatic factors. Leaves of the infected plants become coarse, brittle, and rolled along midrib. The symptoms are registered on leaves of both upper and lower layers. Tubers collected from the infected plants are usually smaller; they germinate, producing thin filiform sprouts; quite often they have inner necrosis. On the whole, the symptoms of the infection depend in many respects on the cultivar characteristics of potato, on ecological conditions, and on the pathogenicity of virus strain. PLRV infects most of solanaceous crops, being transmitted by various aphid species; but the more efficient vector is Myzodes persicae; in its body the PLRV multiplies and retains itself until the aphid dies. Virions have spherical shape, 24 nm in diameter. The PLRV is not transmitted by mechanical inoculation or by seeds and pollen, but is transmitted by grafting.


PLRV is widely distributed in the areas of potato growing, especially in the climatic zones with traditionally high infestation by the aphid vectors, and in agrocenoses, where screening of seed potato for virus infection is not performed. This virus is registered in Primorskii Territory, Kazakhstan; republics of Central Asia, Volga region, Transcaucasia; the Northern Caucasus, Moldova, Baltic States, in the Central region of Russia, in Nizhnii Novgorod, Ivanovo, and Velikii Novgorod Regions.


Ecological factors considerably affect the extent of PLRV harmfulness, as the virus distribution completely depends on the number of aphid vectors.

Economic significance.

Potato leaf roll is distributed in all main zones of potato growing. According to the data of Vlasov & Larina (1982), the yield decrease ranges between 38% and 74%.

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The picture is taken from the book of Ryzhkov V.L. & Protsenko A.E. "Atlas of viral plant diseases" (Moscow: Nauka, 1968. 136 pp.).

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