Distribution and harmfulness of the Fusarium head blight (Fusarium spp.) on wheat .

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Specialist-biologist - T.Yu.Gagkaeva,
GIS-specialist - M.I.Saulich.

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of map:

It is created on materials of maps of natural scale 1:40 000 000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

Vector map consists of 4 polygons demonstrating area and zone of disease distribution on wheat.

Accuracy of the classifier:

Within the limits of the former USSR distribution of disease is presented by 3 zones. All regions are mapped, where Fusarium head blight was revealed according to scientific publications.

Procedure of map drawing:

The zones of distribution and harm are allocated by results of the analysis of the open-published materials. The area in FSU is presented by foci in regions where the disease has 1) high level of harm, and 2) medium level of harm. The accurate definition of distribution of the disease was specified following limits of the largest wheat production area.

Sources of the data:

Levitin M., Ivashchenko V., Shipilova N., Gagkaeva T. 2000. Fusarium head blight of the cereal crops in Russia. - Plant Protection, 51, 231-232, 111-122.
Shipilova N., Gagkaeva T. 1992. Fusarium head blight in cereal crops in the North-western region of Russia. - Zashchita rastenii, 11, 7-8 (in Russian).
Sokolov M.S. 1992. Studies on epiphytotiology and toxicogenesis of wheat head blight carried out by the North-Caucasian Research Institute of Phytopathology. Abstracts of Conf. Fusarium diseases of cereals. - Krasnodar, 4-7 (in Russian).

Right and copyright:

All rights reserved. Copyright 2003 © T.Yu.Gagkaeva & M.I.Saulich (vector map, description) and T.Yu.Gagkaeva (picture).


Zones of disease incidence extent are mapped as high, middle and low. The level of Fusarium head blight harmfulness reaches 20-50 % in different years according to M.S. Sokolov (1992). It depends on the weather conditions.

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