Wheat streak mosaic rymovirus - Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (WSMV)

Systematic position.

Kingdom Vira, family Potyviridae, genus Rymovirus.

Biological group.

Obligatory parasite.

Morphology and biology.

Wheat streak mosaic virus has threadlike particles, about 700 nm in length. The temperature for the virus inactivation is 54°C, limiting dilution is 1:1000. The WSMV preservation in sap lasts 4-8 days at 20°C. The Virus circulates by mite Aceria tulipae, also mechanically, but not transferred by contacting plants, slightly by seeds. The Virus has wide circle of hosts from the family Gramineae, it also damages weeds. The most important host is winter wheat where overwintering of mite and virus takes place.


The WSMV was first determined in 1963. In the territories of the Former USSR, it is distributed now in all regions of cereal cultivation, especially in Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic States, Uzbekistan, and Russia (in the North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Volga Basin Region and Voronezh Region).


Wide distribution of WSMV means that ecological factors do not influence on the Virus. The Virus natural foci determine the frequency of epiphytoties.

Economic significance.

Wide specialization of the Virus presents the possibility to infect the main cereal cultures, especially winter wheat. Its severity can reach 40-50% during epiphytoties. High harmfulness is marked in the North Caucasus, Middle Asia.

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The picture is from the publication of Zillinsky F.J. 1984. Guia para la Identificacion de Enfermedades en Cereales de Grano Pequeno. Mexico: Centro international de mejoramiento de maiz y Trigo international maize and Wheat improvement center, 141 p.

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