Area of distribution and damage of Striped elaterid beetle, Agriotes lineatus L.

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Scientist - A.N. Frolov
GIS specialist - M.I. Saulich.

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Accuracy of map:

Map was created based on information taken from the published literature and maps of scale 1: 20,000,000 - 50,000,000.


.Alber's Equal Area Conic for Russia. 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map consisting of 3 layers. Area and zones of high and low damage are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of classifier:

Within the limits of the natural habitat an area of strong damage was selected, where 1) the number of click beetles regularly exceeds economic threshold (5-10 larvae per sq.m.), and 2) the Striped Elaterid Beetle is one of the dominant species on agricultural lands, i.e., the density of the pest's larvae is equal to or exceeds density of larvae of any other Agriotes species being sympatric to the Striped Elaterid Beetle. Within the limits of the area the zone of low damage was selected, where the density of click beetles may also exceed an economic threshold (5-10 larvae per sq.m.), however the Striped Elaterid Beetle is not a dominant species, i.e., the density of its larvae is several times lower than the density of larvae of any other Agriotes species being sympatric to the Striped Elaterid Beetle on agricultural lands.

Method of map production:

The map of area and damage of Striped Elaterid Beetle was compiled after analysis of literature data (Chantladze, 1983; Dolin, 1964, 1988; Dolin, Atamuradov, 1994; Dubrovskaya, 1962; Firsov et al., 1972; Gorbatyuk, 1969, Gur'eva, 1961-1979; Ishmaev, Shepelevich, 1969; Katyukha, 1979; Kiseleva, 1959; Kobakhidze, 1966; Lyubomudrov, 1928; Mardzhanyan, 1985; Meleshko, 1975; Minoranskii, Ponomarenko, 1978; Mukharam, 1983; Nadvornyi, 1969; Nefedov, 1962; Orlov, 1994; Ostafichuk, 1968; Podkopai, 1954; Radkevich, 1962; Rubel', 1960; Sakharov, 1947; Shchegolev et al., 1934; Tulashvili, Samundzheva, 1965; Utrobina, 1958; Vasil'eva, 1971; Yakimovich et al., 1978; Zhivite-Kul'vetene, 1960, etc.), and cartographical materials of A.I.Cherepanov (1957) and M.M.Aleinikova (1962). In the west A. lineatus range coincides with the border of the former USSR (Dolin, 1988). For the northern border of Striped Elaterid Beetle distribution, we used northern border of Agriotes range after D.Hill (1978), with specifications for Siberia according to materials of A.I.Cherepanov (1957) and for south Sakhalin after S.A.Katyukha (1979). The southern border of Striped Elaterid Beetle was drawn in Transcaucasia according to materials of N.D.Tulashvili & E.M.Samundzheva (1965), D.N.Kobakhidze (1966), T.I.Chantladze (1983), M.A.Mardzhanyan (1985), and B.I.Agaev (1988): the spread of the species is restricted by wet Abkhasian subtropics and submontane regions of Georgia and Azerbaijan from 500 up to 900 m above sea level. The southern border of the species distribution was drawn in Siberia and Kazakhstan according to A.I.Cherepanov (1957), and in Asia in general, taking into account presence of A. lineatus in West Kopetdag (Turkmenistan) according to V.G.Dolin & Atamuradov (1994). A. lineatus is a hygrophilous species in contrast to xerophilous A. gurgistanus and mesophilous A. sputator. Striped Elaterid Beetle is one of the most harmful species in the former USSR, first of all in northern and central parts of Russian Non-Black Earth area (including Moscow Region); western and north-eastern Belarus; west foothills of Ural; forest-steppe, steppe, and mountain forests of southern Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia, and Tuva; north forest-mountain zone of Armenia (Gur'eva, 1961; Dolin, 1988; Ishmaev, Shepelevich, 1969; Mardzhanyan, 1985; Mukharam, 1983; Nadvornyi, 1969; Sakharov, 1947; Radkevich, 1962; Tulashvili, Samundzheva, 1965; Cherepanov, 1957; Shchegolev et al., 1934; Yakimovich et al., 1978, etc.). Formation of pest reproduction places is limited to gramineous cereal plants (Shurovenkov, 1972). In the north of its geographic range A. lineatus inhabits open ecosystems (Gur'eva, 1961). In the south of area it inhabits flood-lands near rivers, banks of ditch-water reservoirs, different types of swamps, and also dominates in number over other species of wireworms in recessions, near plantations of trees, and especially on irrigable lands (Dolin, 1988; Cherepanov, 1965; Ostafichuk, 1968; Minoranskii, Ponomarenko, 1978, etc.), where it may sporadically cause significant harm in specific places located out of the limits of its main area of harm, e.g. in the south of Ukraine, and in Crimea (Podkopai, 1954; Anonym, 1973). Regions of distribution and damage of the Striped Elaterid Beetle are specified according to the Atlas of vegetation (Barysheva et al., 1992), and the zone of damage is adapted to the areas of agricultural lands of the former USSR.

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