Area of Angerona prunaria L.

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Scientists - I.Ya. Grichanov & E.I. Ovsyannikova
GIS specialist - M.I. Saulich.

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Accuracy of map:

Map was created based on information taken from the open-published literature and maps of scale 1: 17,000,000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for Russia. 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

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Vector map consisting of 1 layer. Area is shown by polygon.

Accuracy of classifier:

The species is found all over together with foliaceous trees, locally in steppe zone (in forest belts, parks etc.), and in Northern and Central Tien Shan. On stone fruit and berry cultures the phyllophagy of caterpillars is marked in the majority of areas of fruit growing. However, original materials on the Orange Moth harming activity are not available; therefore, zone of damage within the species area is not allocated. Methods of monitoring and control measures are not developed. Insecticide treatments of fruiters in spring against a pest complex of leaf-eating lepidopterans eradicate caterpillars of the Orange Moth.

Method of map production:

The map was compiled according to analysis of open published materials (Kobakhidze, 1957; Kolmakova, 1962; Korshunov, 1973; Milyanovskii, 1974; Babenko, 1984; Belyaev, 1988; Khomenko et al., 1994; Viidalepp, 1996; Mironov, 1999; Kosterin, 2000; Mordkovich et al., 2004; etc.). Northern border of the species area was drawn along the northern border of mixed forests (Chikov, 1983) that mainly corresponds to original records and collection materials (ZIN RAS). In the European part the species border is shifted northward to southern areas of Karelia and Komi (Viidalepp, 1996; Charushina & Shernin, 1974; Sedykh, 1974; collection ZIN RAS); in the south (including Crimea and Caucasus) the species is locally distributed. Sporadic distribution is marked in forest-steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan, in Almaty and Ysyk-Kol Regions (D.yakonov & Kozhanchikov, 1949; Mironov, 1999). High mountains of the Caucasus and deserted lands of Northern Caspian Depression and Central Asia were excluded from the area. Eastward of the Urals the species is known in Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Irkutsk, and Chita Regions, in Buryatiya, Krasnoyarsk (including Baikit) and Altai Territories. In the Far East it is known in deciduous and mixed forests of Primorskii and Khabarovsk (in part; including Nikolaevsk-na-Amure) Territories, Amur and Sakhalin Regions, and Kuril Is. (Kunashir).

Reference citations:

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2005 © I.Ya.Grichanov, E.I.Ovsyannikova (VIZR; description, raster map), M.I.Saulich (VIZR; vector map,); I.Ya.Grichanov (VIZR, photo).

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