The distribution area and damage zones of Aphis pomi Degeer.

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Specialist-biologist M.N. Berim
GIS-specialist M.I. Saulich

Date of creation:




Accuracy of map:

Map was created based on a map of natural scale 1:33,000,000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

Vector map is composed of 3 thematic layers. Zones of distribution and damage are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of classifier:

The insect area was divided into zones of high and low damage using published materials (Nevskii, 1929; Stolyarova, Bei-Bienko, 1967; Arakelyan, Saakyan, 1969; Sapalev G.B., 1969 and others). The zone of high damage includes regions that are characterized by periodic damage to plants according to points 3-5; the zone of low damage is characterized according to points 1 and 2 (Drakhovskaya, 1962).

Mapping procedure:

The area and damage zones of Aphis pomi Degeer were mapped following an analysis of published materials. The materials of VIZR expeditions have also been used. The borders of zones of varying degrees of harmfulness were given using criteria that have been published by A.O.Arakelyan, Z.A. Saakyan (1969); G.B. Sapalev (1969); V.P. Vasil'ev, ed. (1973); and A.A. Migulin, ed. (1983). The northern border was marked according to published materials (Shaposhnikov 1964; Ivanovskaya 1977), using the data of expeditions, and according to data taken from suction traps. The results of the analysis of host spreading were used according to the atlas of USSR vegetation (fruit trees), taking into account the temperature preference of this insect (the insect is cold resistant). The vector map of the distribution of fruit trees within the territory of the Former Soviet Union was also used for the correction of damage zones (Koroleva et al., 2003). The map has been scanned; it has been registered and vectorized using GIS-technology.

Sources of data:

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Right and copyright:

All rights reserved. Copyright 2004 © M.N. Berim & M.I. Saulich (vector map, description), M.N. Berim, I. Ya. Grichanov (picture).

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