Area of distribution and damage of Atomaria linearis Steph.

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Object specialist .G.E.David'yan,
GIS-specialist - M.I.Saulich.

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of the map:

It is created on materials of the map with scale 1:33 000 000 on the basis of information taken from literature.


.Alber.s Equal Conica for the USSR., 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map, which consists of 2 thematic layers. Area of distribution and zone of damage are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of the classifier:

Within the area of distribution, zone of low damage only is established where the threshold of harmfulness of the Atomaria linearis on beet seedlings is about 300 adults per 1 sq.m, or 10 adults per 500 g of soil taken from a depth about 20 cm (Kubatska, 1975).

Procedure of map drawing:

Data from the open publications are used for allocation of area and zones of pest damage. It inhabits the European part of the former USSR, including Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (Tril, 1971; Petrukha et al., 1978) and Kaliningrad (Otero et al., 2007), Moscow (Lyubarskii, 1988), Lipetsk (Tsurikov, 2005), Ulyanovsk, Samara Regions of Russia (Lyubarskii, 1994) and Chuvashia (Lyubarskii & Egorov, 2003). It is distributed in the Caucasus (Zverezomb-Zubovskii, 1956; Malenev et al., 1967; Lyubarskii & Egorov, 2003), Northern Kazakhstan including Astana Region (Kosolapova, 1974), Altai, areas around Baikal and Primorskii Territory (Lyubarskii, 1992; Lyubarskii & Egorov, 2003). Atomaria linearis apparently inhabits Lithuania and Estonia, because it is known from the adjacent countries (Kubatska, 1975; Silfverberg, 1992; Otero et al., 2007). The zone of low damage comprises the beet-growing territory in Vinnitsa, Khmelnitski, Cherkasy, Kiev, Ternopol Regions, NorthWest of Kirovograd Region, and adjacent Regions of Ukraine (Zverezomb-Zubovskii, 1956; Tril, 1971; Petrukha et al., 1978). The pest sporadically damages beet in Kuban Region (Malenev et al., 1967).

Sources of the data:

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2007 © G.E.David'yan & M.I.Saulich (vector map, description). Picture from: Ulashkevich M.I. & Komosko N.S. 1935. Atomaria linearis. Kiev-Kharkov: Gosizdat. kolkhoznoi i sovkhoznoi lit. Ukr.SSR. 39 pp. (in Russian)

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