Distribution and damage zone of the Hop Cyst Nematode (Heterodera humuli Filipjev)

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Specialist-biologist L.A.Gus'kova,
GIS-specialist M.I. Saulich.

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of map:

It is created on information taken from the open Published literature and map of scale 1:33 000 000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

It is a vector map consisting of two layers. The distribution area and damage zone are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of the classifier:

In different regions of hop growing, only zone of wide distribution (30% of hop fields are infested) and high damage (yield losses to 50%), namely, Chuvashia Republic is marked out. In the territory of the Former Soviet Union, H.humuli is found in three Regions of Ukraine, being widely distributed and highly severe in only one (Zhitomir Region).

Method of map production:

The zone of wide distribution and high severity of H.humuli are marked and the areas of its presence are shown on a blank map with the regions of hop growing and with political divisions of the Former Soviet Union. The results of surveys of hop fields by a number of scientists (Dmitriev, 1950; Zinovyev, Volodchenko, 1968; Danilova, 1996) have served as sources of the data.

Reference citations:

Danilova Yu.S. 1996. Bio-ecological justification of control measures of hop against hop cyst nematode Heterodera humuli Filipjev, 1934. PhD Thesis. Moscow: TSKhA. 22 p. (in Russian).
Dmitriev D.V. 1950. Nematode is a dangerous hop pest. Michurinets 4: 15. (in Ukrainian).
Zinov.ev V.G., Volodchenko Z.G. 1968. Hop cyst nematode. Zashchita rastenii 8: 52. (in Russian).

Right and copyright:

All rights reserved. Copyright 2007 © L.A.Gus'kova & M.I.Saulich (VIZR; vector map, description).

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