Area of distribution and damage of Leucoptera malifoliella (Costa)

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Object specialists E.I. Ovsyannikova & I.Ya. Grichanov
GIS-specialist M.I. Saulich

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Accuracy of map:

Map was created using information taken from state publications and maps of scale 1:17,000,000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map consisting of 2 layers. Distribution area and zone of damage are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of classifier:

Only a zone of low damage was allocated within the limits of the general distribution area. Here the pest has economic significance. The following economic threshold is suggested for the species: 1.5 tunnels per leaf (Petrova, 1978). The Pear Leaf Blister Moth is sometimes able to reproduce en masse within the zone of low damage (Petrova, 1978; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994).

Mapping procedure:

The map was compiled following an analysis of state publications. The northern border of the distribution area in Fennoscandia reaches the northern border of deciduous tree distribution (Kullberg et al., 2001). It is supposed that in the European part of the former USSR, the Pear Leaf Blister Moth is distributed everywhere except for in the North (Seksyaeva, 1981; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994; Baryshnikova, 1999). However, actual records of species occurrence are mainly limited to forest-steppe, steppe zones and the Caucasus (Sinel.nikova, 1936; Kholchenkov, 1974, Seksyaeva, 1981; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994; Vasil.ev & Livshits, 1984; Savkovskii, 1976; collection ZIN RAS; etc.). The species has also been recorded in Baltic States, Byelorussia, the Kaliningrad Region (Mey, 2005), steppe and forest-steppe zones of Northern Kazakhstan, and Western Siberia (including Altai) (Matesova et al., 1962; Tibatina, 1970; Babenko, 1982; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994). Therefore, the northern border of the distribution area was drawn along the northern border of the forest-steppe zone (Chikov, 1983). Northeast of this border, the Pear Leaf Blister Moth has been found in both the Irkutsk Region and Yakutia (Gerasimov, 1932; Ammosov, 1972; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994; Kullberg, et al., 2001; collection ZIN RAS). In Transcaucasia, the species is known in Armenia (Seksyaeva, 1981); within Central Asia, it has been found in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and southern and southwestern Kazakhstan (Sinel.nikova, 1936; D.yakonov & Kozhanchikov, 1949; Matesova et al., 1962; Petrov, 1969; Seksyaeva, 1981; Udot & Isin, 1987; Baryshnikova, 1999). Deserted lands of the Northern Caspian Depression and Central Asia were excluded from the distribution area. The species is not found in the Far East. The zone of low damage includes steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine and Russia (eastward to Middle Volga Basin), as well as foothill areas and oases of Central Asia (Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan) (Sinel.nikova, 1936; Petrov, 1969, 1978; Kholchenkov, 1974; Savkovskii, 1976; Vasil.ev & Livshits, 1984; Udot & Isin, 1987; Kuznetsov & Seksyaeva, 1994).

Sources of data:

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2005 © E.I. Ovsyannikova, I.Ya. Grichanov (VIZR; description, raster map); M.I. Saulich (VIZR, vector map)
Photo © V.V.Neymorovets (VIZR)

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