Area of distribution and damage of Psylliodes attenuatus (Koch).

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1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of the map:

It is created on materials of the map with scale 1:33 000 000, on the basis of information taken from literature and collections of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.


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Basic content:

Vector map, which consists of 4 thematic layers. Area of distribution and zones of damage are shown by polygons.

Accuracy of the classifier:

Threshold of harmfulness of the P. attenuatus on the hemp is about 10 adults per 1 sq.m during hot weather and about 15 adults during cool weather. In the zone of moderate damage, the harmfulness of P. attenuatus is 3-4 points under the 5-points scale of harmfulness (Polyakov et al., 1981).

Method of map production:

Data from the open publications is used for allocation of area and zones of pest damage. In the former USSR, the area includes Baltic States (Silfverberg, 1992), most of the European part of Russia northward to Leningrad (Lobanov, 2000), Kirov Regions (Shernin, 1974), and Karelia (Silfverberg, 1992), Belarus (Lopatin & Nesterova, 2005), Ukraine and Moldova (Shapiro, 1963; Brovdii, 1974), the Caucasus, the South of Western and Eastern Siberia (Baertueva, 1973; Gaidar, 1973; Dubeshko & Medvedev, 1989), Amur Region, Khabarovsk and Primorskii Territories (Palii, 1961; Medvedev, 1992), Middle Asia (excluding Turkmenistan), and Kazakhstan (Lopatin, 1977; Lopatin & Kulenova, 1986). The species is absent in sandy deserts. The zones of damage are shown after publications, which were published mainly before decreasing the hemp growing area in 1980s (Brovdii, 1974; Palii, 1961; Kryzanovskii, 1981; Polyakov et al., 1981; Dubesko & Medvedev, 1989). The zone of high damage includes mainly territory of the hemp growing in Chernigov, Zhitomir, Rovno, Lvov, Vinnitsa and adjacent Regions of Ukraine. The zone of moderate damage includes the south of forest zone in the European part southward of latitudes 55-56° N (it is the northern border of the industrial zone of hemp growing), forest-steppe zone and Caucasian foothills. After Polyakov et al. (1981), steppe and Transcaucasia were included into moderate damage zone. The zone of low damage comprises the territory of the hemp growing within the area of P. attenuatus, including steppe of the European part, Transcaucasia, Ural, South of Siberia, Far East, Middle Asia (excluding Turkmenistan), and Kazakhstan.

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