Actinidia Giraldii Diels - Actinidia Giraldii

Systematic position.

Family Actinidiaceae Hutch. Genera Actinidia Lindl.


A. arguta (Siebold & Zucc.) Planch. ex Miq. var. Giraldii (Diels) Worosch.

Morphology and biology.

Big liana. Height is up 6 to 15 m. Leaf is 10-18 sm length, 8-10 sm width, alternate, entire-kind, petioled. Leafstallk is long, hairless or bristly hair. Leaf shape is - elongated-oval or elongated- ellipsoidal, wide (rarely), sharp, with long pointed apex, leaf base is cuneated or rounded, cordate (rarely), hairless or hair in axil of nerve, edge of leaf with bristly hair, leaf color is dark-green, skinny. Diecious plant. Cross-polinated, entomophilous. Staminate flowers combine into corymb with 3-7 flowers, pestillate flower is single. Fruit is single, smooth, elongated-cilindrical, obtuse, brownish-green or deep-green. Fruit is3-4 sm lenght, 1,9-2,3 sm width. Average mass is 6,5 g. Flesh of fruit is sweet, aromatic, , juicy. Fruit consist 130-160 seeds. Blossoming - end of June - July, ripening - early in October. Fruits is quickly falling. Multiplication - by seeds.


Far East : south of Primorsky district (Suputinski reserve, Kedrovaja Pad reserve); Korea, China.


Species occurs in mixed coniferous-broad-leaved forests, down border - up 600 to 800 m, on north slopes generally.

Economic value.

Ornamental. Food. This plant is interesting for selection as macrocarpous species

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