Distribution area of desert wheat grass (Agropyron desertorum) .

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The author:

Expert on subject and GIS-expert - L.L. Malyshev.

Date of creation:




Accuracy of map:

Created using maps to the scale of 1:12,000,000-1:40,000,000.


"Alber.s Equal Area Conic for the USSR ", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

Vector map. The area of species is indicated by polygons and points.

Accuracy of classifier:

Species distribution was based on site coordinates from accessions and herbarium specimens at the Vavilov Institute and on the published maps of Shelyak-Sosonko (1977), Grossgeim (1939), Malyshev & Peshkova (1990), Malyshev & Peshkova (1979) and Buhteeva et al (1990).

Method of map production:

Published literature was reviewed, including atlases, monographs and papers. Occurrence data were obtained from herbarium specimens, floras, monographs and papers. Data were then compiled through scanning and geo-referencing to develop a composite vector map. The biologist, together with the GIS specialist, drew a new plant distribution area based on compiled data.

Reference citations:

Buhteeva A.V., Malyshev L.L., Konarev A.V. 1990. Wild-growing populations of wheat grass from Eastern europian steppe province. Bull. VIR. Leningrad: N.198: 54-59.
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Rights and copyrights:

All rights to the map and its descriptions belong to its author.

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