Agropyron distichum (Georgi) Peschkova - Double-row (Baikal) wheat grass.

Systematical position.

Family Poaceae Benth. genera Agropyron Gaertn.


Agropyron cristatum subsp. baicalense Egor. et Sipl.

Morphology and biology.

Long-term cereal. Bluish-green turfy plants with numerous rough upright stalks of height of 40-110 cm, usually naked or slightly rough under spike. Radical leaves are absent or it is a little of them. Stem leaves flat, up to 8 mm of width (seldom curtailed), it is almost horizontal deflected from a stalk, from above rough or almost naked. Spikes large and wide, (1.5) 3-6 cm of length and 1.2-2.5 cm of width. Spikelet scales ovate-lanceolate, hairy, gradually narrowed in rather long arista up to 5-6 mm of length. Bottom floral scales also longly awned, more or less densely haired, on edge narrow membraneous. Flowering - May - June.


Endemic. A coastal strip of Baikal (except for southern coast). It is described from Ol'khon on Baikal.


On steppe slopes, wood marges, stone looses, coastal pebbles and in rarefied pine forests.

Use and economic value.


The literature:

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