Agrostis straminea C. Hartm. - Agrostis straminea

Systematic position.

Family Poaceae Barnhart Genera Agrostis L.


A. stolonifera L. subsp. straminea (C. Hartm.) Tzvel., A. maritima auct.

Morphology and biology.

It is perennial grass. Height is up (6) 10 to (25) 40 cm. It forms numerous plenty leafead, prostrate on ground runners, that is rooting in nodes. Leaf is plane, thin, numerous with a bit rough or smooth surface. Lingula of upper stem leaf is obtuse or slightly pointed, it is 1,5-4,5 mm length. Inflorescence is panicle with short upright a bit rough or smooth branches, up 2 cm to 10 cm length. Spikelet is 2-3,5 mm length. Anther is 1-1,4 mm length. Cross-pollinated, wind-pollinated. Seeds are badly falling. Mass of 1000 seeds is 0,09 g. Flowering and ripening - June - July. Seed and vegetative (mainly) reproduction. Chromosomal number 2n=? (unknown).


Europe part (Arctic and coast of White and Baltic sea), Far East(Sachalin) - invasion; Scandinavia, Middle Europe (north part).


Species occurs on the sand, shingle and rocks of sea coast.

Economic value.


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