Alopecurus alpestris (Wahlenb.) Czer. - Alopecurus alpestris

Systematic position.

Family Poaceae Barnhart Genera Alopecurus L.


A. pratensis L. alpestris Wahlenb., A. pratensis subsp. alpestris (Wahlenb.) K.Richt., A. pratensis subsp. alpestris (Wahlenb.) Seland. comb. superfl.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial grass. Height reaches 20 to 50 cm. Stem is erect. Leaf is grey-green, flat. Lingua has bare, smooth back, usually grey in color. Inflorescence is tassel. Glumes have keel with several hairs up to 1.5 mm long. Cross-pollinated and wind-pollinated. Flowering and maturing occurs in July-August. Seed and vegetative reproduction. Chromosome number: 2n=28.


European region (north of Kola Peninsula, the Arctic, north of Ural) and Scandinavia.


Species occurs in grassy plots, sandy and stony riverbanks, stone slopes and rocks.

Economic value.

Forage, usually for pasture.

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