Avena chinensis (Fisch. ex Roem. et Schult.) Metzg. - Chinese oat.

Synonym: Avena sativa subsp. nudisativa var. chinensis (Fisch. ex Roem. et Schult.) Doell.

Taxonomical position.
Family Poaceae Benth. Genera Avena L.

Morphology and biology.

Annual cereal. Stalks upright or in the beginning lying, round, naked, smooth, thickness of 3-6 mm, height 30 cm - 2 m, with 3-4 naked or tomentous in nodes. Leaves lanceolate-cuspidate, rough, green or grey, it is frequent with wax for a short while, various length (20-45 cm) and width (8-30 mm), naked or on edges with cilia, sometimes leaf plate tomentous. Vaginas of bottom leaves in a various degree tomentous or naked. Uvula cone-shaped, 3-5 mm of length, or truncated, less often absolutely absent.
Panicle sprawling. Spikelets multifloral. The top flower is usually underdeveloped. Spikelet scales two, top are little bit longer bottom, webby, wide lanceolate, pointed, 25-30 mm of length, with 9-11 veins. Floral scales webby. The internal floral scale is longer then external. Painting of floral scales white.
The bottom floral scale lanceolate or obovate-lanceolate 20-25 mm of length, tomentous or naked, smooth or rough, with 7-9 veins, on a top two-gear, at awned forms on a back with awn.
All florets in an ear without joints and are separated only by breaking, forming almost horizontal platform of a break. Internode axes break off above, and rod of the second flower remains at the bottom flower.
Lodiculas oblique lanceolate. Stamens three. Ovary on all surface dense tomentous. Stigmas two, plumose. Weevil naked (freely laying between floral scales), covered on all surface by pressed hairs, 8-11 mm of length, have clearly expressed longitudinal groove. Blossoms in June - August. Anemofilous. 2n=14, 42.


The Far East; the Western Europe, China, Mongolia.


As an impurity in crops of sowing oat.

Use and economic value.

Has no. A rare impurity in crops usual nude oat.

The literature:

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