Distribution area of northern sloughgrass (Beckmannia borealis) .

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Expert on the object and GIS-expert - L.L. Malyshev.

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Accuracy of map:

Map was created using maps to the scale of 1:2,000,000-1:11,250,000.


"Alber.s Equal Conic of the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

Vector map consisting of 1 base and 2 thematic layers. The distribution area of the species is represented by points.

Accuracy of qualifier:

Points represent sites at which the species has been found according to the V.L. Komarov herbarium and published references.

Method of map production:

Data from the herbarium at the V.L. Komarov Institute and Kharkevich (1985) were used to determine the species distribution area. Beckmannia borealis is an introgesive hybrid of Beckmannia eruciformis and B. syzigachne.Hhybridization occurred at different sites of parental species distribution; thus, eastern populations have more features of B. syzigachne than populations from the republic of Komi and from Ural. The species has also been found in Western Siberia (Malyshev and Peshkova, 1990).

Sources of the data:

Kharkevich S.S., ed. 1985. Vascular plants of the Soviet Far East. V.1. Leningrad, Nauka, 398 p. (In Russian).
Malyshev L.I., Peshkova G.A., eds. 1990. Flora of Siberia. V. 2. Poaceae (Gramineae). Novosibirsk: "Nauka". 361 pages.
V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute [LE], Russia.

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All rights on the map and its descriptions belong to its author.
Copyright on the photos belongs to E.A.Dzyubenko

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