Beckmannia hirsutiflora (Roshev.) Probat. - Hairy flower sloughgrass.

Taxonomical position.

Family Poaceae Benth. Genera Beckmannia Host.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial cereal. The plant forms tussocks or single stalks. Stalks naked and smooth, upright, 15-45 cm of height. Leaves from above diffusely haired, 2-7 mm of width, ligulas 2-3 mm of length. An inflorescence is a complex spike, 7-15 cm of length, with strongly appressed, upwards directed branchlets. Spikelets 2,5-3 mm of length, orbicular or orbicular-cuneate. Spikelet scales densely setaceous-haired, boatform, poorly inflated. The bottom floral scales in the top part with small spout. Blossoms in June - September. Anemophilous. 2n=14.


Amur territory; Northeast China.


On crude and marshy meadows, coastal shallows.

Use and economic value.

Fodder plant.

The literature:

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