Bromopsis biebersteinii Holub - Bieberstein.s Brome.

Taxonomic position.

Family Poaceae Barnhart, genus Bromopsis Fourr.


Zerna biebersteinii (Roemer et Schultes) Nevski, Bromus biebersteinii Roemer et Schultes.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial plant 40-80 cm tall, glabrous, glaucous, with creeping rhizomes and robust stems. Lower leaves narrow, often setaceously folded, acute and rigid, cauline ones flat, 3-4 mm wide. Panicle narrow, long, short-branched. Spikelets narrow-lanceolate, 5-8-flowered, up to 30 cm long, pale green. Lemmas with 7 distinct veins and straight awn 3-6 mm long. Cross-pollinated anemophilous plant. Flowers in May, fruits in June.




Lower and middle montane zones. Rocky and stony sites, screes and debris.

Economic value.

Forage plant in mountain areas.


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