Range of distribution of Medusa.s Head Calligonum (Calligonum caput-medusae) .

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The expert-botanists - Yu.D.Soskov, L.L.Malyshev
The GIS expert - L.L.Malyshev.

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of the map:

The map is based on data of 1:12 000 000-1:40 000 000 scale maps.


"Albers Equal-Area Conic Projection for USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0

Basic contents:

The map is a vector file consisting of 1 basic and 2 subject layers. The species range is represented by a polygon and dots.

Accuracy of the qualifier:

The dots represent information on the species localities according to herbarium materials; the polygon - generalized information on the species distribution.

Method of the map contruction:

The range map is based on original maps compiled by the author according to herbarium materials. The species range covers Karakum desert, sands of the northern Aral Sea area, Kyzylkum, Muyunkum, southern Balkhash Lake Area. In the European part of the former USSR reaches the Lower Volga (Baskunchak Lake, Streletsky . Zamyany). The northern border of the range is anthropogenic since this tall species provides more firewood than the other Calligonum species in that zone, and hence is cut most often.


Sokolov SI., Svjaseva OA., Kubli VA. 1980. Ranges of trees and shrubs of the USSR. V.2. Leningrad: Nauka. 144 p. (In Russian).

Rights and copyrights:

The copyrights of the map and descriptions are held by their authors.

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