Cerasus microcarpa (C. A. Mey) Boiss. - Cherry microcarpous.

Taxonomic position.

Family Rosaceae Juss., genus Cerasus Hill

Basic synonyms:

Prunus microcerasus C.A.Mey., Microcerasus microcarpa (C. A. Mey.) Eremin and Yushev.

Morphology and biology.

Small, strongly branching perennial bush up to 2 m in height. Branches are divaricated to the different sides. Leaves are ovate, blunt, skinny, bare, sharply saw-toothed, small, on short stem. Pedicels are longer than flowers. Petals are white, back - paliform, their length is equal to length of a receptacle. Lobes of a calyx are little bit shorter than a receptacle. Drupe is small, black, ovate. Blossoms in July, fructifies in August. 2n=28.


The general distribution: Asia Minor. In the territory of former USSR: Caucasus, Central Asia (southwest Kopet-Dagh).


In inferior, less often - in average mountain belt. On dry petrous slopes.

Use and economic value.

An alimentary (berrylike) plant.


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