Range of distribution of Corylus heterophylla Fisch. ex Trautv. - Heterophyllous hazel, Asian hazel

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The expert-botanist - T.N.Smekalova,
the GIS expert - R.S.Ushakova.

Date of creation:



1:20 000 000.

Accuracy of the map:

The map is based on data of 1:20 000 000 and 1:25 000 000 scale maps, corrected according to herbarium materials.


"Albers Equal-Area Conic Projection for USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0

Basic contents:

Map is a vector fail consisting of polygon and points. Locations of species are represented by points; area of possible distribution of species are represented by polygon.

Accuracy of the qualifier:

Light-colored points are locations referenced in literature sources. Dark-colored points are locations of species that were reported from herbarium samples of V.L.Komarov Botanical institute [LE].Polygon is based on generalized information from literature sources, herbarium specimens, political boundaries and ecological description.

Method of the map contruction:

The main part of the species range is in Northeastern China, Japan and Korea. In the former USSR, the northern part of the range is distributed in East Siberia and Far East where it dominates in the underwood of dry Mongolian oak forests. The species range is represented by two polygons, East Siberian and Far Eastern ones. The polygons are drawn by means of generalization of data obtained from LE Herbarium materials and published range maps (Sokolov et al., 1977; Koropachinskiy, Vstovskaya, 2002; Kharkevich, 1989; Flora of Siberia, 1992). The southern and eastern borders of the outline coincide with the state boundary of Russia.


Herbarium specimens from V.L.Komarov Botanical institute [LE] (St.Petersburg, Russia).
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Shishkin BK., ed. 1936. Flora URSS. V.5. Moscow; Leningrad. P.265-266. (In Russian).

Rights and copyrights:

The copyrights of the map and descriptions are held by their authors. The copyright of the image is held by Ushakova R.S. (WIR).

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