Elymus transbaicalensis (Nevski) Tzvelev - Transbaikal Couch, Transbaikal Wild Rye.

Taxonomic position.

Family Poaceae Benth. genus Elymus L.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial grass. Culms 30-75 cm tall. Very similar to E. mutabilis. Leaf blades generally glabrous above, rarely more or less hairy - var. burjaticus (Sipl.) Tzvelev. Spikes quite often covered with glaucous bloom. Glumes glabrous internally (sometimes covered with fine spinules). Pubescence of lemmata varies from abundant and patent to sparse adpressed spinules only on veins. Lemma awns short (1-3 mm). Flowers in July - August. Anemophilous. 2n=28.


Siberia; Northern Mongolia.


On riverine sands and shingles, on stony and sandy, usually calcareous steppified slopes to river valleys, in flood-plain poplar, Chosenia, spruce forests; along river valleys goes up to high mountains (up to 2000 m or higher).

Use and economic value.

Forage grass.


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