Distribution area of meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.)

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The authors:

Object experts L.L. Malyshev & N.Yu. Malysheva
GIS-expert L.L. Malyshev.

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Accuracy of map:

Map was created using maps of scale 1:2,000,000-1:11,250,000.


"Alber.s Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

Vector consisting of 1 base and 3 thematic layers. The species distribution area is shown by polygons and points.

Accuracy of qualifier:

Points represent sites from which BIN herbarium specimens were taken and species locations referenced in published literature. Polygons represent the general species distribution area, which was created by generalizing reference data.

Mapping procedure:

The map is based on species locations provided by the BIN herbarium and published maps in Grossheim (1939), "Cereals of Ukraine" (1977), Savkina et al (1982), Kharkevich (1985), Tzvelev (1974), and Malyshev & Peshkova (1979, 1990). In the European part of the former USSR and in the Caucasus, the species is distributed throughout all territories, except for the true tundras, the desert steppes of Northern Tauria and the Caspian lowland, and the Kolchis and Kura lowlands. In Siberia, the distribution area extends into the zone of coniferous, broadleaved and small-leaved woods up to Baikal Lake (east coast), the Lena River valley, and the mountains of Southern Siberia. In the Far East, the species is an invasive but quite naturalized species in Primorski Krai and on Sakhalin. Meadow fescue has also been found in Western Tyan-Shang and in the mountains of Ala Taus.

Sources of data:

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Copyright on the photos belongs to E. Dzyubenko.

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