Hedysarum arcticum B.Fedtsch. - Arctic Sweetvetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Hedysarum L.


Perennial plant 20-35 cm tall. Root thickened, penetrating deep into soil. Arising upward from rootstock there are several erect or ascending firm stems, slightly pubescent or glabrous. Numerous stipules fused together, located at stem bases. Leaflets 4-9 pairs, oblong-elliptic, 12-20 mm long, above glabrous, beneath pubescent at veins and margins or subglabrous. Peduncles arising from axils of upper leaves to terminate stem, racemes compact at the beginning of flowering, 4-7 cm long, at fruits elongated up to 16 cm. Flowers 5-30, somewhat drooping, lilac, violet-red. Pod segments 2-6, orbicular-elliptic or oblong, finely reticulate, bordered at margins. Entomophilous, cross-pollinated plant. Flowers and fruits in June - July. 2n=14.


Northern and Arctic European and Asian Russia (except for Chukotka), high mountains of East Siberia.


In Arctic and adjacent forest zone in tundras, on sandy islands, in larch woodlands, riverine shrub thickets; in high montane zone (on rocks, shingles, screes, sandy slopes of montane tundras).

Use and economic value.

Forage and food plant. Contains large amount of nutrients. In summer it is eaten by deer, horses. Roots are eaten both fresh and dried, ground into flour.


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