The distribution area of common sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)

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Expert-botanist I.G. Chuhina
GIS-Expert E.I. Suzanskaja

Date of creation:




Accuracy of map:

Map was created using maps of scale 1:17,000,000-1:50,000,000 and herbarium materials.

The projection:

"Alber's Equal-Area Conic for Russia", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic contents:

The vector map consists of 1 base layer and 3 thematic layers. The species distribution area is shown by polygons and points.

Accuracy of qualifier:

Points represent species locations referenced in published literature and from which herbarium specimens were taken. The general distribution area was created using published literature and herbarium materials.

Mapping procedure:

The map is based on species locations cited in the INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM, "Wild-growing relatives of cultural plants of Russia" (NTC "Informregistr" № 0229905883) and shown on maps by Koropachinskiy & Vstovskaya (2002), Gubanov & Zajko (1983), Malyshev & Peshkova (1979), Koropachinsky (1983), and Hulten & Fries (1986).

Sources of data:

Gubanov I.A., Zajko L.N. 1983. Atlas of medicinal plant habitats and resources in the USSR. Moscow, p. 74.
Herbarium the samples from the herbariums at Moscow State University and VIR.
Hulten E., Fries M. 1986. Atlas of Northern European Vascular Plants North of the Tropic of Cancer. Konigstein, p. 1172.
Koropachinskiy I.Yu., Vstovskaya T.N. 2002. Woody plants of the Asian part of Russia. - Novosibirsk: Publishing House of SB RAS, Branch "Geo", 707 p.
Koropachinskiy I.Yu. 1983. Woody plants of Siberia. Novosibirsk: Nauka, p. 292.
Malyshev L.I., Peshkova G.A., eds. 1979. Flora of the Central Siberia. Volume 1. Novosibirsk: Nauka, p. 946.

Rights and copyrights:

Copyright on the map and its descriptions belongs to its authors.
Copyright on the picture belongs to I.G. Chuhina.

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