Lathyrus undulatus Boiss. - Wavy Pea

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl. genus Lathyrus L.


Lathyrus rotundifolius sensu auct.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial plant 50-100 cm tall. Stems winged, ribbed, ascending or climbing by means of branched tendrils. Stipules semisagittate. Petioles and leaf rachides winged. Leaf rachis ends in a branched tendril. Leaf consists of one pair of lanceolate acuminate leaflets 5-12 cm long, 6-20 mm wide, with 1-5 veins. Leaf margins slightly undulate. Peduncles weakly angular, long. Inflorescence a raceme of 3-7 flowers. Pedicels longer than calyx. Flowers 1-2 cm long, pink. Calyx campanulate, with unequal teeth shorter than its tube, or infundibular with more or less equal teeth. Wings shorter than standard, on narrow short unguis. Standard limb much broader and longer than unguis, without tubercles at base. Keel as long as wings, broadened, on narrow unguis. Style laterally compressed, twisted or turned at right angle, rather thick. Pods oblong-linear, compressed laterally, narrowed toward base and end, 6-7 cm long and about 1 cm wide. Seeds dark, globous, weakly tuberculate. Hilum makes about a half of seed circuit. Flowers in May, fruits in June - July. Entomophilous. Zoochore. 2n=14.


General distribution: Asia Minor. Former USSR: Crimea - southern slopes of Nikita Yayla.


On stony slopes, in foerst glades.

Use and economic value.

Forage. Ornamental.


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