Lathyrus vernus (L.)Bernh. - Spring pea.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl. genus Lathyrus L.

Main synonymy.

Orobus vernus L.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial plant 20-50 cm tall. Rhizome thick, branched without shoots, with numerous thin black roots. Stems erect, branched, angled. Stipules large, ovate-lanceolate, 15-20 mm long, 5-8 mm wide. Petioles sulcate, longer than stipules. Leaf consists of 2-4 pairs of ovate or broadly oval leaflets 3.5-8 cm long, 5-8 mm wide, long-acuminate, grey-green beneath. Peduncles erect, longer than leaves. Inflorescence a raceme of 3-8 flowers. Flowers quite large, 15-20 mm long, drooping, purple becoming blue when dry. Calyx broadly campanulate. Calyx teeth acuminate, triangular-lanceolate; the lower is the longest one, slightly shorter than tube; upper ones concurring each other and much shorter than tube. Standard rounded-oval, gradually narrowed into a short claw. Wings on narrow short claws. Keel as long as wings, broad, on narrow claw. Legumes oblong-linear, laterally compressed, narrowed toward both ends, 4-5 am long and 4-5 mm wide, dark brown, nearly black. Seeds globose, smooth, variegated, 8-10 per legume. Hilum makes about 1/4 of the seed circuit. Flowers in April-May, fruits in June-July. Entomophilous. Zoochore. 2n=14.


General distribution: Europe, Siberia. In the former USSR . European part: all the regions except for the Lower Volga; Caucasus . Ciscaucasia and Transcaucasia; West Siberia . Ob, Upper Tobol, Irtysh and Altai regions; East Siberia . Enisei and Lena-Kolyma regions.


In forest fringes and glades, meadows, among shrubberies.

Use and economic value.

Forage on forest pastures, melliferous.


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