Lens ervoides (Brign.) Grande. - Beaded lentil.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Lens Mill.

Basic synonyms

Cicer ervoides Brign.; Lens lenticula (Schreb.) Webb and Berth.

Morphology and biology.

An annual plant about 30 cm in height. Stems are upright, thin, highly branchy, violet. The general leaf axis comes to an end by an edge or by simple, short tendrils. Stipules are semi-hastate or lanceolate, full or with one denticle. Leaves consist of 2-4 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets of top leaves are narrow-linear; leaflets of bottom leaves are wider, almost round. Leaflets of average-sized leaves are 10-11 mm in length, 2.5-4 mm in width. Inflorescences are longer than leaves and usually do not end in a spina. There are usually 1-2 small violet or dark blue flowers on an inflorescence, 4-6 mm in length, which are located on top of a peduncle. Calyx denticles are very short. Flag is about 4 mm in width with dark blue veins. Wing color is lighter than that of the flag. Keel is almost white. Pods are rhombic, 8-9.5 mm in length, 3.5-5 mm in width, with rare, depressed hairs. There are usually 1-2 seeds in a pod. Seeds are very fine, red-brown with a white hilum. Blossoms in April; fructifies in May.


The common distribution are includes the Mediterranean and Balkan-Asia Minor. Within the former USSR, the species occurs in the European part (Southern Crimea) and the Caucasus (Western and Eastern Transcaucasia).


Occurs as a weed in fields. Grows among rocks.

Use and economic value.

A good, pasturable fodder plant. Occurs as a field weed.


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