Medicago orbicularis (L.) Bart. - Round-pod alfalfa, button-clover, large-disc medicago

Taxonomic position.

Family Leguminosae Endl., genus Medicago L., subgenus Orbicularia Grossh.


Medicago marginata Willd., Medicago cuneata Woodson, Medicago applanata Willd.

Biology and morphology.

Annual of spring or rare autumn development type. Plants are 10-40(60) cm tall. Branches ascending or upright, numerous; many branches start from the main stem at ground level, forming secondary branches throughout their length. Leaflets are 10-15 mm x 8-12 mm, obovate, cuneate to obcordate. Peduncle 1-5-flowered, shorter than the corresponding petiole. Flowers are orange-yellow, 4-5 mm long. Pods 12-14 (up to 20) mm long, spineless discoid, coils 3-7, usually not appressed. Self-pollinated. 2n=16.


Occurs throughout Southern Europe, Asia Minor, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, northern Africa, the south of the European part of Russia, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.


Grows mainly in heavy soils that do not dry out easily. Found along riversides in sandy or stony soils and on hillsides up to 1,000 m above sea level.

Utilization and economic value.

Potential forage plant for pasture establishment in southern areas as long as there is sufficient humidity.

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