Medicago trautvetteri Sumn. - Alfalfa Trautvetter

Taxonomic position.

Family Leguminosae Endl., genus Medicago L., subgenus Falcago (Reichb.) Grossh.

Biology and morphology.

Perennial herb. The plant has a powerful root system (tap-rooted). Stems are erect or branching from the base, reaching a height of 40-120 cm, rather rough. Racemes are not large, oval. Flowers are violet or blue. Pods are sickle-shaped, coiled. Cross-pollinated. Blossoms in June-August. Pods ripen in August-October. 2n=16.

Origin and distribution.

It is a young species of hybrid origin. It is endemic to Kazakhstan. Distributed mainly throughout the Mugojares Mountains, Northern Ust-Yurt Hills, Zaisan Hollow, Alakul Hollow, and throughout the middle courses of the Ily and Chu Rivers.


Grows on dry steppe and semi-arid hillsides in sandy soils with underlying sandstone and limestone as a component of feather-grasses-wormwood-arid grass associations (Mugojars-Ust-Yusturt populations), as well as in detritus of stony low hills, in moist hollows among predominantly meadow-steppe vegetation, and in saline soils of riversides strewn with shingles (Alakul-Balkhash populations).

Utilization and economic value.

Not introduced into cultivation. The species is the world leader in winter hardiness among Medicago species. Long-lived and tolerant to trampling, salt-resistant, tolerant to heat and drought, resistant to diseases and insect pests. Responsive to irrigation.

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