Phleum phleoides (L). Karst. - Steppe timothy.

Taxonomical position.

Family Poaceae Benth., Genus Phleum L.

Morphology and biology.

Plant is a long-term cereal. The plant is glaucous and forms friable tussocks, sometimes with short rhizomes. Stalks reach heights of 40-60 (80) cm. Beneath inflorescences, the stalk is more or less rough. Leaves are glaucous, rigid, 1.5-6 mm wide, rough. The inflorescence is friable, narrowly cylindrical, 5-15 cm long, 4-7 mm wide. Spikelet scales are rough, without cilia; the bottom floral scales are 1/3 the length of the spikelet scales. Plant blossoms in May-June. Anemophilous. 2n=14.


Occurs throughout the European part of the former USSR (except the Far North), the Caucasus, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia up to Baikal, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Europe, Asia, and Mongolia.


Occurs in meadows and motley grass feather steppes, steppe meadows and dry pine forests.

Use and economic value.

It is a fodder plant.

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