Prunus ussuriensis Koval. & Kostina - Plum ussurysky.

Taxonomic position.

Family: Rosaceae Juss.; genus: Prunus L.

Basic synonyms:

Prunus salicina Lindl.

Morphology and biology.

An arbor up to 5,5 m in height. Branches colour is red-brown. Bines are bare. Petioles are 1-2 cm in length, haired, with several large glandules. A leaf plate is 6-8 cm in length, up to 5 cm in width, prolong-inversely ovate form, pointed, bare from above, nitidous, light green from below, matte, with short hairs along venues, with glandules. The basis of leaf plate is cuneated. The inflorescence consist from (2) 3 (4) flowers. Flowers 6-15 mm in length, thick, bare. Hypanthium is campanulate, green, bare. Calyx lobes are ovate - elliptic, with inexpressive denticles, bare. Petals are 10-12 mm in length, elliptic, white. A column and ovary are bare. Fruits have the spherical form, 2-4 cm in length, yellow, red, red-violet, less often - flavovirent colour. Blossoms in May, fructifies in August.


The general distribution: Japan, China, Korea. In territory of the former USSR: the South of the Russian Far East.


Lengthways roads, on the open places, on a place of former settlements.

Use and economic value.

A food plant.


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