Ribes alpinum L.- Alpine Currant.

Taxonomic position.

Family Grossulariaceae DC., genus Ribes L.

Main synonymy.

R. lucidum Kit.ex Kanitz.

Morphology and biology.

Shrub .5 to 1.5 m tall. Bud scales membranaceous. Leaves up to 4 cm wide, trilobate, with adpressed rigid glandular bristles above, glabrous beneath, lucid. Plants dioecious. Inflorescences not drooping, male has 15-30 flowers, female 1-5 flowers. Petals greenish-yellow, spatulate, 4 times shorter than ovate calyx lobes. Bracteoles as long as pedicels or longer. Pedicels with glandular bristles. Berries pink, mealy to the taste. Anemophilous. Zoo- and ornithochore. Flowers in May-June, fruits in July-August.


General distribution: Europe. In the former USSR . European part of Russia.


In light mixed forests, forest glades and fringes, on terraces of river banks.

Use and economic value.

Food. Ornamental.


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