Secale segetale (Zhuk.) Roshev. - Weed-field Rye.


Secale cereale subsp. segetale Zhuk., Secale cereale subsp. vavilovii (Grossh.) Kobyl.

Taxonomical position.

Family Poaceae Benth. Genera Secale L..

Morphology and biology.

Annual cereal. A stalk of height (30) 65-170 cm, under an ear tomentous, less often naked, usually hollow. Leaves of width of 2-4 mm, flat, grey. An ear in a different degree fragile, 6-12 cm of length. Spikelet scales smooth, occasionally finely tomentous, terminate by awn-shaped shoot. External floral scales smooth or tomentous, across Kiel crested jagged, terminating with rough anws 2-5 cm of length. Anemophilous. Blossoms in June-August. 2n=14.


Caucasus, Central Asia; Asia Minor, the Near East, Iran, Afghanistan.


Weed in crops of wheat and barley, along fields and roads.

Use and economic value.

Weed in crops of grain crops.

The literature:

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