Trifolium echinatum M.Bieb. - Hedgehog Clover.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Trifolium L.


Trifolium supinum Savi, Trifolium procerum Rochel, Trifolium reclinatum Waldst. & Kit.

Morphology and biology.

Annual herbaceous plant. Stems 30-60 cm tall, angular, branched almost from the base. Stipules in their free part lanceolate. Leaflets narrow-oblong-linear, acute. Inflorescences ovoid solitary heads 2 cm long. Corolla pink, calyx in fruit campanulate, 10-veined. Calyx teeth subulately acuminate, therefore the head in fruit looks echinate-spiny. Fruit a scarious 1-seeded pod. Flowers in June, fruits in July. Autogamous plant. 2n=16.


Southern Crimea, Caucasus.


Forest glades and fringed, exposed stony slopes, among shrubberies.

Economic value.

May be used as forage plant in mountainous areas.


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