Trifolium leucanthum Bieb. - Pale-flowered Clover.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Trifolium L.


Trifolium stellatum Pall., Trifolium sachokianum Grossh.

Morphology and biology.

Annual herbaceous plant. Few stems 10-20 cm, slightly branched, almost straight, with squarrous hairs. Stipules narrow, linear-lanceolate. Blades of lower leaves cuneately obovate; those of upper ones oblong-cuneate. Inflorescences solitary heads, subglobose, on long hairy slender stipes, 9-12 mm, not elongated in fruit. Corollas white or pale pink. Fruit is a scarious 1-seeded pod. Seeds ovoid, yellowish. Plant type with spring development. Flowers in May, fruits in June. Autogamous plant.


Southern Crimea, Caucasus.


On exposed stony and detritum slopes, in forest glades, among shrubberies, in light forests.

Economic value.

May be used as forage plant.


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