Vicia amoena Fisch. - Pleasant vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Vicia L.

Morphology and biology.

A perennial plant, up to 1 m in height. Stems are pubescent by appressed hairs, less often are naked, ascending, scandent. Stipules are large, 10-15 mm in length, semisagittate, with large denticles. Leaves consist from 5-7 pairs of elliptic or prolong-linear leaflets. Plates of leaflets are coriaceous, 20-40 mm in length, 8-12 mm in width. Tops of leaflets are blunt; top of leaflets sometimes are little bit retuse, with a cusp. Peduncules consist from 10 - 20 flowers. Type of inflorescens is raceme. Flowers are 12-15 mm in length. Calyx is shortly tubular; its denticles are lanceolate, inferior one is equal to tube or longer than half of tube, upper denticles are very short. A corolla is bright - dark blue or violet - light blue. The flag is inversely ovare, on its top- retuse, its length is equal to wings length, but longer than keel, and the plate of flag is longer than its claw. Plates of wings are oblong, longer than claws. A pod is oblong or prolong-rhombic, 22-28 mm in length, on a fruit stalk, which is longer than a calyx; pod has 2-4 seeds.
Blossoms in April, matures in June.


The common distribution: Mongolia, Japan, and China. In territory of former USSR: Western Siberia - Obsky region, Altay; Eastern Siberia - Angara-Sajany, Lensky-Kolymsky, Daursky regions; Far East - Ohotsky, Udsky, Zea - Bureinsky, Ussurijsky regions, Sakhalin.


On meadows, on slopes of mountains, among bushes, on wood skirts, it is rare - in stipa steppes.

Use and economic value.

A protein-conteining fodder plant of high quality (up to 19 % of a crude protein in a green material). Forms an abundant green mass; it is well eaten by cattle, preserves green leaves on a plant till late autumn. Frost - proofed plant.


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