Vicia ervilia L. - Bitter vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Leguminosae Endl., genus Ervilia (L.) Medik.


Ervum ervilia L., Lens pygmaea A. Grossh.

Biology and morphology.

Annual herb. The stem erect or ascending, branched, 20-50 cm high. Stipules almost arrow-shaped, dentated. Leaves pinnate (8-12 pairs of leaflets). Leaflets lance-oblong, dense covered by appressed hairs, notched at the top. Common flower stalks shorter than leaves bearing 2-4 florets and is ended by the spike. Calyx toothes awl-shaped and are longer than the tube. Corolla pinkish or pale blue. Pods hanging down, elongated, 3-4-seeded, constricted between seeds. Mature pods are stramineous. Seed brown or with black picture on the surface, angular or globe-shaped, 5-6mm in diameter, glabrous. Self-compatible and self-pollinated plant. Blossoms in May, seed ripening in July. 2n=14.




Adapted to any soil type. In fields, at stony slopes, at ruderal sites. From plain to middle mountain zones (900-1500 meter upper sea level).

Utilization and economic value.

Perspective forage crop. Characterized by drought-resistance, high productivity, fast growing. Especially good as legume for grain and forage for poultry farms, hog-raising farms. Soil-building, too.


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