Vicia pannonica Crantz. - Hungarian vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Leguminosae Endl., genus Vicia L., section Pannonicae Stankev.


Vicia lineata Bieb.

Biology and morphology.

Annual herb. Stems ascending, 60-70 cm high. Stipules small, 3-4 mm long, halfly arrow-shaped. Leaves pinnate, bearing 6-9 pairs of leaflets with tendrils. Leaflets are linear or oblong narrowed to the foundation in the upper part, succised and emarginated with the spike, 12-20 mm long, 2-4 mm width, pubescent especially in young plants. Flowers (2-4) in clusters on short peduncles. Calyx is oblique, it.s toothes are not equal to each other. Corolla 20-22 mm long, pale yellow, the standard with more dark veins covered by long appressed hairs. Pods are nutant, elongated to both ends, brown, dense covered with long, appressed hairs. Seeds (3-8) almost globular, slightly ribbed, black. Self-compatible plant, cross-polinated mainly by bees.Blossoms in June-July, seed ripening July-August. 2n=12(14).


Ukraine (Crimea included), Moldova, the European part of Russia, Caucasus.


In meadows and fields, in woods, at slopes, along roads. From the plain to the middle mountain zone.

Utilization and economic value.

Valuable forage plant. It.s nutriciency is comparable with cultivated alfalfa and trifolium species. In dry steppe.s and mountain.s zones Vicea pannonica has advantages among other Vicea species because of it.s high drought resistance and winterhardiness, high productivity, pest and diseases resistance. Can be used for truncated soils improvement.


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