Vicia pseudorobus Fisch. and C.A.Mey. - Pseudobitterpea vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Vicia L.

Morphology and biology.

A perennial plant 50-150 cm in height. A root is thickened, strongly ramified. Stems are ascending, clinging, angled. Leaves come to an end by short branchy cirruses. Stipules are large, leaflike, up to 1,5 cm in length, semisagittate, large-toothed. Leaves consist of 3-5 pairs oval or elliptic leaflets. Leaflets are almost leatherlike, mesh, from below on venues - pubescent, 3-6 cm in length, 8-25 mm in width. Peduncles together with an inflorescence are longer than leaves. An inflorescence is rather thin, rather short, multifloral raceme. Flowers are 12-14 mm in length. A calyx is campanulate, its denticles are short, triangular. Calyx is bright - violet. Flag.s limb is very short. Wing.s and keel.s lenghts are equal to a flag.s lenght. Pods are oblong, flat, compressed, naked, on a pedicel. The pedicel.s length is equal to a calyx.s lenght or is longer and declinated almost under a right angle up. There are usually 3-6 seeds in a pod.
Blossoms in July, fructifies in September.


The common distribution: Japan, China. In territory of the former USSR: Eastern Siberia - Angaro-Sajansky and Daursky areas; the Far East - Zeya - Bureinsky and Ussurijsky areas.


On bushes, on dry slopes, on wood marges.

Use and economic value.

Fodder high-protein conteining plant of low quality, because plates of leaves are dense, leatherlike. The young, not coarsened plants willingly are eaten with cattle. Decorative nice-flowering a plant.


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