Vicia varia Host - Vetch changeable or variabile.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl. Genus Vicia L.

The basic synonyms:

Vicia villosa Roth subsp. varia (Host) Corb.; V.dazycarpa auct.

Morphology and biology.

An annual plant 50-130 sm in height. All plant is pubescent. A stem is thin, ridge, rigid. The axis of a leave comes to an end as a branchy cirrus. Stipules are 7-10 mm in length, lanceolate or linear - lanceolate, at the bottom leaves - semi-hastate. Leaflets 8-12-paired, oblong-linear or lanceolate, with an edge. Peduncles together with a brush are equal to leaves on length or some longer them. Brushes are multifloral, not dense. Flowers are not large, narrow, 12-15 mm in length. A cup is campanulate, its bottom teeth are longer, than top's ones. Petals are blue-violet, rare - white. Turned back part of a flag is narrow, in 2 times shorter than unguis or has the same length with it. Keel on its top has a dark-violet stain. Beans are wide, up to 7 mm in width, oblong, 23-25 mm in length, naked. There are 2-6 rather large, compressed - spherical, purple-brown seeds in the pod. Blossoms in June - July, fructifies in August - September. Insect-pollinated.


The south of Sweden, Middle Europe, the Mediterranean, the Balkans - Asia Minor. In territory of the former USSR: Caucasus - Ciscaucasia, Dagestan, the Western and Eastern Transcaucasia.


On fields, in crops, on edges of roads, on bushes.

Use and economic value.

A good fodder plant, the species is known as a cultivated plant in some European countries and in the USA.


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