Vitis amurensis Rupr. - Amur grapes.

Taxonomic position.

Family: Vitacea Juss.; Genus: Vitis L.

Morphology and biology.

A perennial plant, up to 15 m in height, a ligneous liane with thickness stem up to 15 cm. A bark is black, shelled. Fructifying shoots are from 60 cm up to 3 m in length, 5-15 mm in thickness, upright and prostrate, in summer time has green or red color, in the autumn - yellow - brown or red - brown. Leaves are ovare or heart-shaped, 16-18 cm in diameter, dark green, matte, with a pinkish shade, 3-5-lobed. The top side of a leave plate is wrinkled, procumbent by rare longhairs; bottom one is procumbent on venues. Main venue is with appreciable fnthocyanin painting. Flowers are dioecious. Pistil inflorescence is conic, branchy; the main axis is 9-15 cm in length, 10-17 mm in thickness. Stamen inflorescence has the various form, 7-12 cm in length, 1,5-2,5 mm in thickness. Clusters have cylindrical or conic form, friable. Fruits are 15-20 mm in length, 8-12 mm in diameter, ovare, and black with a bluish bloom. A thin skin of fruits is thick, painted, well separated from pulp. Pulp of fruits is fleshy, juicy, so ur, rare - sweetish, colorless. There are 1-4 seeds in a fruit; form of seed is pear-shaped. Colour of seed is pink with a lilac shade or brownish with a claret or pink shade. Rostellum of seed is short, conic, forks on the end. Blossoms in May - July, fructifies in August - September. Anemophylous. Zoochore.


The common distribution: Japan, China (northern Manchzhuria). In territory of the former USSR: the Far East - Zeya - Bureinsky and Ussurijsky areas.


On coast of the rivers and islands - on sandy ground; on marges of cedar woods, on bushes and rocky slopes.

Use and economic value.

Fruits are used for preparation of jam and fruit-drink, are used as fresh fruits, and also are used for producing of wine Because of high cold constancy it is used as scion for cultivated grapes. It is of grate importance as a decorative winter-hardy plant.


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