Area of distribution and weediness of Atriplex tatarica L.

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Biological specialist - S.Yu. Larina
GIS-specialist - I.A. Budrevskaya

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Accuracy of the map:

Map was created using maps of natural scale 1:5,000,000-1:80,000,000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map. Area of main distribution is shown by polygons, while sporadic distribution is shown by points. Zone of weediness is shown by polygons.

Accuracy of classifier:

Within weed area of Atriplex tatarica, the zones of its weediness were established according to criteria of occurrence (% of fields where this species is found) and abundance (expressed as projective cover of this species in the field (in % to the field area)) (Tanskii et al., 1998), where the occurrence of this species exceeded 20% with an abundance (projective cover) of more than 15%.

Mapping Procedure:

The areas of distribution and weediness of Atriplex tatarica were established following an analysis of published maps and literature. The area of distribution is based on the map in E. Hulten & M. Fries (1986). Northern limit of the area was adjusted to the boundary of the zone of steppes and forest-steppes. The area was extended westward according to Aleksandrova et al. (1975), Elenevskii et al. (2001), Geideman (1986), Vasilchenko & Pidotti (1975), and Visyulina (1970). The areas of weediness were established according to Korovina (1981) and coordinated with the boundaries of arable land. The sites of sporadic distribution of Atriplex tatarica were identified in the Far East by S.S. Kharkevich (1988), in Siberia by I.M. Krasnoborov (1992), in Lithuania by V.P. Motekaitite (1985), in Kaluga region by L.F. Volosnova (1986), in the Northeastern European part of the Former Soviet Union and Volga region by Yu.D. Gusev (1973-1977), and in other territories within the European part of the Former Soviet Union by the following literature: Belozerov, 1966; Efimova, 1972; Ilminskikh et al., 1981; Motekaitite, 1985; Notov & Sokolov, 1994; Papchenkov & Dimitriev, 1989; Tsvelev, 1977; and Shults, 1977. Sites of sporadic distribution of A. tatarica in Caucasus (Grossgeim, 1945) and partly in Siberia (Krasnoborov, 1992) were included in the main area.

Sources of data:

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